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Let me just get any niggles out the way;

PR Samples and Reviews

Any review of a product I do, is off my own back - I will only review products on my blog if it fits and I feel readers will benefit from it - other wise it will not be on the blog. Like wise, I do not accept money for a positive review. That just ain't cool, my friend. If it's a positive review, then it's because I genuinely like the product and feel it's worth writing about.

Any PR samples I receive and choose to review (again, only if it's worth reviewing,) will be marked with a * clearly on the post and explained at the bottom of the post. If you feel like you have a product that my readers would enjoy please feel free to get in contact with me, all details of which you can find here

Sponsored Posts
Occasionally I might have a sponsored post (in which I may be paid, gifted or even have a giveaway in compensation for a post,) come up on the blog - but it will be marked with a * and then explained fully at the bottom of the post. I will not put any sponsored posts on my blog that aren't in keeping with this blog, if I feel they do not benefit my readers.


Any photos on the blog which are not mine are ALWAYS linked back to the source of where I found it! 

Photos that are my own (pretty much 99.9% of them...) should you wish to use them yourself for something, please ask for permission first and of course be linked back to this little blog. Thank you!


In terms of advertising I use SkimLinks which may occasionally use affiliate links - for more information please go here. If you feel like you would like to advertise on my blog, whether you are a blogger, shop owner on etsy etc - feel free to contact me here. 


The blog template that I use is from 17th Avenue and is called Eloise. I have linked these back to the original creators, obviously, because it would seem plain wrong for me to make it seem like I have created them. Also, if you like them - they are there for you to enjoy too. 

Thank you!


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