Sunday, 2 October 2011

did you know WHAT?

I haven't been without my boyfriend in two months. Fo' realz. He's practically been sewn to my very central atom fiber being or whatever the fuck.

That being said, today I dropped him off home. I wasn't teary. I sang along to 'Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves' on the radio on the way back to mine. 

I felt good to be a 'Sister', probably, I only get that feeling when this song comes onto the radio (Pirate FM if you're wondering, because somehow my radio has now rejected Radio 1?) and then I feel all amazing even though I don't have a job and y'know, I'm pretty much a bum. 

Whatever. I'm 20! 20 GOD DAMNIT! And I am a WOMAN! Feel my awesomeness!

Then I get home and flop on my bed. It's hot. I am pale and very much part-irish (being part-irish makes you pale sometimes, and also sometimes gives you loads of freckles, but the most important thing is that you can drink LOADS MOAR than average English people,) and therefore I hate the sun unless I am in Spain. 

But sometimes I hate the sun when I'm in Spain too.

Boyfriend hates the sun as well, even though he's all swanky and mildly Italian in some way. 

I digress, I flop on my bed. I internet around for a while. I get paranoid for about an hour, as you do. I play with my hamster, Bear. Bear is fabulous and one day you will meet her.

I do something silly that gives me a headache. I drink juice. I get on with flopping around, avoiding the heat.

Then dinner rolls around then I get fed and I'm all like "YAY FOOD!" BUT THEN - - Something happens.

Something dreadful. I realize that Boyfriend isn't here. He isn't here to protect me from spiders, like he promised. I have to cope TWO WHOLE NIGHTS away from him, anyway, let alone, IF A SOPHIE-EATING-SPIDER crawls into my room, probably with a Russian accent, and Bear cannot protect me, she's  in her cage, mocking me.


I internet some more and avoid my paranoia/responsibilities/phobias.

Good day.

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