Wednesday, 28 December 2011

christmas haul - make up

I went shopping today in my home town as a friend was home for Christmas from Falmouth Uni...

Given that I had some money for Christmas - I figured I could hit the sales, avoiding the city completely - I know Plymouth pretty well, and I wanted to avoid that shit! Haha.

That being said, my main agenda was nail polish, eye shadow and make up brushes. In the Boots sales I managed to score some hilarious 'Strictly' nail varnish - I can't stand the show but I'm currently loving the 'mermaid-esque' colour of the 'Fandango' shade. It was £16 down to £8! It takes a couple of coats, but if you just want a subtler shade, just apply the once - it's still really pretty.

I was also after some pretty decent make up brushes - I went for the 'ecotools' set - at £15.99, it's not a sting and they feel pretty decent quality -- I doubt I'm going to lose bristles, but time will tell. 

These 17 eye colours were only £10 to start with down to £5!! Insane bargain. I can't wait to try out the colour combinations! 

All in all, a pretty good day. Also splurged A LOT in dorothy perkins and new look, but it had to be done. :)

Hope you had an amazing Christmas!

Here's to hopefully, an even better year!

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