Tuesday, 10 January 2012


i love blogging, even though i don't do it often... i am afraid i read more than i write, and because i am reading so many blogs - i am distracted to write! too many pretty pictures and entertaining words, ha!

right now i'm not in the right frame of mind... i don't know, to put any part of myself out there?

...i feel like anything i write from this point onward is going to be construed as highly negative and overly critical of myself... and come on, it's a blog. why should i have to worry about a blog? about how i come across on screen? it's supposed to be about what i enjoy, the occasional rambling of thoughts...

don't get me wrong, loads of bloggers have continued to post even through greater hardship than mine... 

but that's not the way i roll, yo', i'd apologize for it... but that would be the opposite of what i am trying to achieve here.

so, for anyone that does read my blog... expect... well, have low expectations for a little while. give me a month at least... and maybe i can be human again. or maybe bionic.


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  1. It's ok to take a break! January is the perfect time to do it, too.


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