Monday, 20 February 2012

Barry M Lip Paint + Natural Collection Eye-shadow Duo

Okay, so I went for a 'tiny' splurge, considering I have a lack of money that is.  But a gal just needs some coral lipstick, you know?

I went for the Barry M 'Coral' 53 shade, and it suits my skin tone down to a t! It's bright and subtle at the same time... Does that make sense guys? Slightly punchy, for my pale, freckled tone... haha! It cost me £4.19 at boots, which is a hellllluva bargain, if you ask moi. 

I also needed a neutral eye-shadow duo and came across Natural Collection at boots, which boasts all products are under £2. This eye-shadow cost £1.99, so I was dubious about the quality, but in the shots where you can see...(had to borrow my dads camera, which I cannot use! I miss my nikon!)... it is a beautiful neutral eye-shadow, and lasted me all day, with NO creases all day! I used No7 eye primer under mine, as always, so I'll give a little test to make sure it lasts without the primer too!

All in all, a very wise spend for me. So happy with these guys!


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