Wednesday, 8 February 2012

my pouch of things...

 a netbook sleeve boyfriend purchased for me... it hasn't been used much for it's original intention... ahem...
my things.

I received this smashing netbook case from my boyfriend a while ago. I rarely take my netbook with me anywhere, because... well I rarely need it out and about.

My 'things' however, I do use out and about...

1.) Oxford Notebook. This is essentially a planner for me. Note the post-its!
2.) Stork scissors. Beautiful. I got these for christmas from the boyfriend. :)
3.) Maid of Honor Notebook. I'm maid of honor for my friend Kirsty later this year, this is where I'm jotting things down!
4.) Sketching Pencils. I've got loads of these but only take out this small pack. I enjoy doodling.
5.) Silver pen. If I have notebooks... I need a pen, correct?
6.) Sellotape. For sticking things in my scrapbook.
7.) Rubber. ... I have pencils, therefore...
8.) Hair tie. Essential.

What do you carry around with you that's essential?


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