Friday, 24 August 2012

Bourjois So Laque! Ultra Shine Nail Varnish - Review

 Shade 46 - abricot 

I bought this polish a while back, specifically for my particular work environment. I needed a pastel/subtle (turns out it wasn't subtle enough!) shade that was pretty robust, considering the work I was doing was heavy on my hands and nails and usually left my hands dry, nails chipped and considerably ugly.

The brush is good, I can't stand tiny nail varnish brushes that require multitudes of strokes and relish in a thicker one. This is a nice brush to work with, as it stands. 

It takes roughly two coats to make it opaque, but can sometimes require a touch up due to patchy drying.

What I do find however is the drying time takes an age, it can be patchy and can sometimes 'shrink' like rubber almost. That being said, I truly adore the gorgeous peach colour and am a stickler when it comes to seeing a polish through to the end - so although maybe I won't buy this particular polish in the future - it certainly won't put me off the Bourjois brand. 

Have you tried this polish? What's your view?


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