Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Essential Nails Kit - What's in my nail bag? #TAG

The whole collection.

This is my basic, essentials, must have, be all and end all nail kit. My precious, if you will.

I started this when I realised how completely disorganized I was when it came to my nails - polish bottles floating around, no basics to fall back on, plenty of chipped nails to be had... you get the picture.

So when I was on my way into a new job back in the beginning of the year, I set up this little beauty for myself, so every Sunday I could pamper my poor little nails after a full working week.

My basic kit contains the essential accessories, files, buffers, scissors, clippers (although I loathe them) and a cuticle stick. 

The polishes inside are the set for a basic French manicure and a super base coat + top coat from Sally Hansen, which is my wonder product for nails.

Of course there are extras, q-tips, cotton pads, nail polish remover (the latter not being able to fit in the bag...) and my vast collection of nails are kept in my make up storage...

So, lovelies. Do you have an essentials nail kit? What's in there?




  1. This is way neater than my nail polish bag! I think I still have a bottle of some glue in the dark neon green polish from ten years ago...

    1. that's why i put this together, 'cause i was mildly infuriated with myself. and lack of organisation.


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