Monday, 5 November 2012

Gift Guide 2012 - Vol 1 - The Man.

It's coming closer to that time of year. I usually fly by the seat of my pants for Christmas present giving. I have a rough idea of what the receiver wants/needs and what I am able to afford in return...

This year I'm trying to go for the want/need/surprise presents for all, so all get three gifts to open on the day. Personally speaking my joy at Christmas is wrapping the gifts, and then watching the people I love open said gifts... 

So, Volume one of the gift giving guide - The man in your life. Your husband, boyfriend, fiance, best friend if you're single, best man friend even if you aren't single... who-ever - this will work well for all.

1. Kiehls Cross Terrain UV Face Protector SPF 50 - £21. Kiehls is a brand I know and trust, and what better gift for the man in your life but a do-all moisturizer, that is not only high SPF, but water and sweat resistant, wind resistant and unscented to please all manly men in your life!

2. Pantherella Burgundy Vintage Fleur-De-Lys Merino Wool Socks - £13. I don't know any men in my life, particularly my boyfriend and my father, who don't appreciate a good pair of socks. These are stylish, Merino wool and at a steal price for the quality. 

3. (MALIN+GOETZ) Lime Bar Soap 85g - £8.50. This is a cleansing soap bar, suitable to all skin types to help reduce epidermic stress. Plus it's lime scented. Win.

4. Ally Capellino Khaki Simon Waxed Cotton Wash Bag - £80. We have our own toiletry and make up bags (plus our drawers to house countless other beauty supplies, am I right?) to keep ourselves organised and tidy... so why shouldn't your man? This wash bag is stylish yet rugged enough to keep him happy.

5. Ettiquette for Gentlemen - £6.99. A novelty book compiled in the 1890's full of advice for the man wanting to be, well, more gentlemanly.

6. WeWOOD Date Brown - Wood Watch - £88.99. I adore wooden watches, they are a beautiful creation and I know for a fact that my boyfriend 'wants them all,' so this beautiful watch had to be on my list. 

Any ideas for gift giving for the man in your life?


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