Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Green Smoothies?

This picture, what does it do for you? Not a lot I imagine but hang on with me, please. This stuff is pretty amazing.

I was reading A Beautiful Mess, as you do. Then I came across the five day green smoothie challenge. It essentially involves using spinach or kale as your base to the smoothie, that would be the green part. Then you can add all of your other healthy delights. 

They show different combinations like raspberry, spinach and coconut, apples and spinach and not to mention the pineapple, banana, spinach...

I follow Running Raw's technique, video here. I use spinach, one banana, blueberries, golden linseed's  and water. If I have dulce, I'll add that too. 

So after trying it for five days, it really did make a huge difference! I had so much more energy and it's an easy way of getting towards your five a day, if you normally struggle. 

I might want to add, do not use this as a meal substitute. I have this with a light lunch, because I know if I just have this, my body will go into starvation mode. Not good, yo!

So, are you going to join me? 


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