Saturday, 6 April 2013

instagram #10 | this week

 ah, miss my little bear.// a reminder to get back to work!

It's thanks to my brother-in-law and sister that I got to look at the house where War Horse was filmed. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't of found it quite so easily - I knew they filmed in Devon, for the most part and it even mentions the town where I live. 

Joshua and I went for a walk and to take photos - it's so pretty up there even though it is boarded up. Moss covers stones and rocks in a way that makes it alive, you know? It's lovely. 

I haven't been on instagram as much as of late - hence why there is only a two picture update. I still feel in a bit of a funk and need something to get the creative juices flowing again. 

Hope you have an amazing weekend lovelies!


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