Saturday, 22 February 2014

This Week | instagram #50

Salem forever lying on my chest. // Sleepy little widge! // Carrot cake baking. // Squeezing out the last drop. // God bless coffee! // Happy Birthday, Mr!

Hello Lovelies,

Can I just say - what a glorious spot of weather we're having? I know, British problems and all that - there's only a spot of drizzle here in Devon - super bright sunshine and just a bit of crispness to the air to signify that winter is relenting slightly, ready to give way to Spring.


This week I've not really been 'present' especially on Twitter, so I apologise. I've managed to crack out a fair bit of work - much needed work. 

I'm also not at home right now, my sister has gone high-tailing it to London with her hubby so I've got the kids for the weekend. I shall need all the luck please. 

Here's to an amazing weekend!


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