Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Manuka Doctor | ApiNourish Introductory Kit

I've mentioned Manuka Doctor briefly on the blog already, but since the ApiNourish Introductory Kit landed on my doorstep I figured it was about time for a proper review for some of my favourite products I've tried in 2014 so far...

In the kit you get the Repairing Skin Cream, Restoring Night Cream and the Rejuvenating Face Mask, all are 25ml so a really decent size if like me, you like trialing a product before going in for full size (sensitive skin problems...) or for travel, or giving as a gift. 

The Repairing Skin Cream has literally saved my bacon since I've been back from Spain. I was getting quite a lot more redness than usual and generally dehydrated - I used a little of this post serum and pre-moisturiser mostly on the problem areas - and it cleared right up. It's texture feels more serum like than moisturiser, so if you're dry skinned like me, you might need to follow up with just a touch of moisturiser - but it isn't essential, it hydrates enough. 

The Rejuvenating Face Mask is one of my favourites out of the bunch - it's the kind of mask that does a little of everything, cleanse, purify, moisturise - and after the first use you notice a huge difference. Definitely a hero product and definitely one I'll be purchasing in full size when it runs out!

Last but not least the Restoring Night Cream. This is such a luxe feeling night cream to use - it just melts into the skin perfectly and leaves skin feeling super hydrated and plumped up - I've caught my mother stealing this quite a lot too over the past few weeks - you also don't need a lot of product either, so even this sample size is lasting me an age. Definitely one I'll be repurchasing too.

Overall a great little introductory kit - and one that would make a great gift too.

Have you tried any Manuka Doctor products?


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