Sunday, 18 May 2014

This Week #2

Standard Sunday biz. // Oops. // Car Selfie. // My car couldn't have picked a worse place to break down. // Freshly a-flame hair. // Sunning it in the garden with my Scruffington.

Well. This has been an interesting week...

So, firstly I apologise for not posting regularly but it has been a hideously busy week. My parents have just left for Spain (for a month, so jealous!) so this week has just been helping them get prepared for that, random meetings that had to be attended, my car breaking down (right on a busy roundabout, at the traffic lights. So lucky an AA van drove by two minutes later and helped!) Plus sunbathing yesterday. Which is essential, you know. Vitamin D.

Hence why I'm posting today, rather than on the usual Saturday spot. No biggie though. It ain't hurting anyone.

With my parents being gone this can only mean one thing; I get the kitchen all to myself. Now, I don't know about you but a free kitchen, without bumping into people when you're trying to chop vegetables and manage three or four pots at once? Absolute heaven. I'm being completely anal and planning out some menus - old and new. 

Here's to hope you had an amazing weekend!


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