Saturday, 26 July 2014

This Week #9

Lazy Monday. // One of Mama's presents, ready. // Gamer Cat. // New goodies. // Three product face, because foundation in this heat? Hell to the no. // All presents wrapped and ready to go!

All I can say is 'mah gahd, the heat!' right now. I mean, some days it's been mostly overcast but still ridiculously humid. I'm not complaining, mind you. It's just hard to get motivated in the summer - because honestly, we all either want to be picnic-ing, in a beer garden, sunbathing, having a barbecue... all of the above! Pleasant lazy day activities. But work still must be done.

Let me know if you can still stay motivated in such hot weather. All advice welcome. ;)

This weekend is finally the weekend that we start sorting out the wardrobe space! Huzzah! At least dismantling it, and moving things around. Much excitement. I can't wait for the extra room and not feeling like we're being closed in.

Here's to a productive weekend!


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