Tuesday, 11 October 2011

i've got a notebook...

I have a notebook that is full. Boyfriend got it for me from his college. I filled the first pages with doodles whilst he gamed it. The rest of these pages are devoted to the aforementioned magazine clippings that brought me joy.

The next notebook I bought from Tesco, because I could decorate it myself. I painted that shit gold and I've nearly filled that one up too.

Boyfriend said once, if he ever did a design course, he was going to steal my notebooks to use as coursework. That made me happy.

However, I still have a soft spot for my first notebook. The one with doodles, green glue and a few soup recipes in that I created. The one that is bursting at the seams.

I cherish you, little notebook.

*Kudos if you know the song to which I was doodling too. You get a virtual high five. 


  1. I do not know the song but the red bus is adorable! Doodles such a great creative outlet:)

  2. I agree, I constantly find myself doodling certain things when listening to music, especially.


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