Monday, 10 October 2011

i want a pet fox.

I went to the job 'interview' at the Royal Mail for data entry. It wasn't so much an interview, more like a test. In fact it was a test.

A test, that I know I've passed - but I don't know if I have to have an interview or anything like that yet. I re-read the email and it's called a 'registration event.'

We'll see how that shit flies soon enough, I guess.

In other news, Boyfriend has to look after a friends dog for the next five days. So I'm barely going to be able to see him as much as I have done. Pity me. Feel for me. Even though I'll just be cutting shit out of magazines that I think is pretty.

Still, pity me.

I'm interested now, does anyone else do that? I mostly buy interior design magazines, I used to only buy Elle fashion, but once that started grating on my nerves, I picked up other magazines of interest, etc....

But do you, stranger, that I know is there, cut shit out because it appeals? Do you scrapbook with it? Or schtick it on your wall?

Lemme know. I like to know that kinda shit. I'm nosy.


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