Friday, 7 October 2011

the thing about not having a job...

Once you have had a job, even if mine was complete shit, that job was my own damn fault for sticking with it for those four godforsaken years, anyway I digress - when you have a job - you go to work on some days, and then do some other shit on your days off, and everything is fine and beautiful because you've got shit that has to be DONE!

But now I have no job. I have to fill my days up with stuff. I think to myself, yes I will go to the gym today. That takes up an hour of my time a day, that's seven hours down. Hot shit.

I can clean my room once a week. An hour or two, depending on how long that shit takes. I can clean out Bear's home. Half hour. 

I could read. 

Maybe eat a sandwich.

Get the point?


  1. You could always start something new:) A new blog, store, business... that would certainly take up a couple hours.

  2. haha, that is what this blog is for! i do have a food blog, but alas, i'm not really making things that often, that i'd share anyway - just salads. oh god i've rambled here...

    seriously though. i think blogger soothes me when i think i might go insane. :)


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