Sunday, 27 November 2011

part two - bio oil review

I've been using Bio-Oil now for about ten days or so now, so let me tell you how I've been getting on...

I mentioned in the original post here, that during winter I have especially dry skin and I can be prone to eczema, especially on the backs of my knees, for some reason. I digress. 

Using this on my face at night time has proven, pretty useless - it made my skin come up with a few spots. It was far too 'greasy' for my face, although it is one of the oils I have come across that is actually surprisingly not that greasy... I know! I'm losing you, but hang on!

I've been using it after a shower of a night time (or morning, depending when it happens, of course) and I have seen an improvement with my skin - as much as I suspected.

So for me, Bio-Oil is definitely an amazing product, but for my skin type (sensitive, dry) shouldn't be used on my face, because of break-outs and blemishes.

So give it a go, and I hope you have slightly better luck than me. 

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