Monday, 30 January 2012


I have a confession. It's not a secret to my loved ones. But to you guys, you have no idea of what kind of trouble I'm in.

I'm talkin' full blown addiction here. I'm talkin' about nails. Nail varnish, in fact.

I was purchasing some foundation at tesco - bearing in mind I haven't worn foundation for about three years,  but due to my own curiosity, I payed out for some, and it is perfect, but back to my addiction...

As I was shopping around I saw a stand saying 'All About...' and there was gorgeous little nail varnishes for 99p, which were what caught my eye and some gorgeous eye palettes that I think I am going to try - I would of even got the coral blusher, but alas, they had sold out!

I purchased 'Coconut Milk' - and I love it! It's almost like a pretty pink/peach neutral, and it really suits my skin tone. :)

It took about two-three coats to become opaque, 

So, if you have a nail varnish addiction head on over to tesco and perk up your day!


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