Friday, 3 February 2012

colour blocking

saw some colour blocking nails here. thought i'd have a go. :)

i had to trim my nails down, because i was getting a fair few breaks as i carried out a normal day. they've already got a few chips on the polish, but not too noticeable. 

these polishes was from my christmas haul not too long ago, one of the gift sets on offer from boots, the strictly come dancing range.

so far with this nail colour collection i've found that two coats just about cracks it to show off the colours, but sometimes the brushes gets over-loaded with varnish, and you could end up with a gloopy nail, as i found out on my first experiment. 

but apart from that, i got mine half price in the sale AFTER christmas, from £16 down to £8... so not something to be sniffed at for 12 polishes!


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