Monday, 12 March 2012

update #48578437539485 ;)

a picture taken before my vlog.

hey my lovelies! hope you had a smashing weekend whatever you were doing? i've spent it sorting out my room ready for later this week for when it will be painted (white) and while i will miss my solitary red wall, i'm looking forward to a fresh start!

for that reason, posts will obviously be sparing this week - apologies for that, but my room is so cluttered (thanks to all my bloody books and furniture) it needs to be sorted!

also update on my cbt therapy - i've had two sessions so far to gauge what kind of help i need to get better, and they have been great! i just have to wait for 'proper' therapy to start, but i already feel so much better knowing i'll be getting help!

what's your plan for the coming weeks?


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