Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Quick Make Up Routines?

 MUA primer, Benefit High Beam, Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch Light Diffusing Concealer.
Collection 2000 Colour Lash in Clear, Volume Million Lashes for Hazel Eyes Mascara.

You know when you gotta be quick? Or, you those days in the mornings/afternoons and you need to go out for whatever reason even though you reaallyyyy do not want to and then... 

You look at your face and think 'holy fuck, I must cover this up,' - for whatever reason, we've all been there, right? A spot, blemish, something that makes our morning routine a little bit more hassle, and let's face it, could potentially put us in a bad mood for the rest of the day...

My answer, for myself, of course, is...

Primer. Tighten my pores, even my skin tone please! 
Concealer. Blemish? Gone. Spots? Nearly gone, but it will do. Dark circles? Gone.
Highlighter. Cheeks. Rosy tint? Perfect. Glowing? Hell yes.
Brow/Lash correctors. Tidy brows. Sorted.
Mascara. Open up them peepers. Lush.

Then of course, depending my mood, lip balm, lip stick or lip gloss. Usually balm or the schtick. 

What's your 'shit I gotta get a move on' routine?


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