Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Skincare Routine

Recently I have been experimenting with some new skincare products. 
Up until about two weeks ago I was using a variety of face washes... depending on what kind of deal they were on VS how much product there was VS if I liked and trusted the brand already...

I was using a Olay cleansing milk, the Garnier toner above (reasonable price VS a lot of product VS a brand I like, plus no alcohol etc,) plus a moisturizer from the Simple range. 

However, due to 'hormonal imbalance', shall we say (won't go any further than that,) - suddenly I was breaking out! I mean, I used to get one spot, once a month around the usual time, and that was all. Nada. Nothing else.

So having a breakout all around the chin area (so much fun,) was beginning to get a pain my neck, to put it lightly. I thought, well I can't change why I'm getting them - I knew that, no matter how much I didn't like it, so I thought I would experiment, see if any new products could ease up the general redness, and dryness that winter had brought.

Of course there are a plethora of products around. I heard good things around Liz Earle, amazing things, so I would still love to give those products a go.

Then I went on review missions, just hunting high and low, avoiding the Clarisonic, I didn't want to purge my skin and have more breakouts. Nope!

So, after searching - I bring you a drug store available mix of skin care, that I'll spill the beans on in about a months time (although I have had the hot cloth cleanser for about a month now, the rest of the products shall be tested in relation with everything together... eh!) 

No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser. About £5 price difference to Liz Earle - a highly raved about product, obviously readily available in your local Boots store. So far, I am in love with this product. It's suitable for all skin types and really is a treat for your skin. It's exactly £10.00 and is a HUGE bottle, so it will last, especially if you're the kind to mix and match products - like some people do, although I will be using this product ALONE for cleansing, just so I can tell you guys how long it will last if you use it twice a day, every day. :) 

Garnier Soothing Toner. I'm still on a search for an amazing toner, I have natural red patches on my cheeks, discolouration - pigmentation issues, whatever, this toner is alcohol free, perfume free etc - so it doesn't irritate my skin than say a product with alcohol would. Any good toners you want to recommend? In drug store price range, mind you. ;)

Superdrug Simply Pure SP5 15 Face cream. This product was £1.59 when I bought it. It is paraben free, dermatologically approved, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Did I mention it is SP5 15? Or that it's for sensitive skin? No? Amazing price. Really leaves my skin soft, but it's still in the early stages yet...

Superdrug Natural High Brightening Eye Cream - Organic Rose Hip Oil, Arnica, Multi Fruit Blend. Dermatologically tested. Suitable for vegetarians, etc. This product is new to me. Eye cream. But I figure, as I am now in my twenties, I should start thinking about my forties! ;) Again, from Superdrug so a good price, I think I got it for under £4.00, so a cheap product, and I am secretly routing for this little guy! Look how cute and green he is! 

So that's my skincare routine. I have other products which I use, like make up remover and face wash (which I generally only use if my make up has been heavy/ after a night out/ my skin looks like poop!) so if you want to know what I am using there, let me know!

Any skin care products you've been loving recently?


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