Friday, 6 April 2012

Top Five Spring Nail Colours

 Left to right; 17 Lasting Fix 'Glisten', No7 Stay Perfect 'Tangy', All About Nails 'Caribbean Coconut', Barry M 'Blueberry', MUA 'Shade 5'.

When it comes spring colours, I'm all for the pretty pastels and such like - but I usually like to go for a punch more colour like No7's 'Tangy' or Barry M's 'Blueberry,' so that when spring leads into summer - I am all set with my colours.

That being said, I like to keep the brighter colours on my toes - while the milder colours like MUA 'shade 5' and All About Nails 'Caribbean Coconut,' are usually on my nails - I find them more adaptable for what I'm wearing, and usually I can layer some glitter polish on top of the peachy colour when I want to add a bit of sparkle. 

And for special occasions I bring out the 17 Lasting Fix in 'Glisten,' - It has two tones, pink and coral with a gold shimmer. Perfect for a night out. Subtle and pretty, with glitter.

What are your favourite nail spring colours?

Have a great weekend!


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