Monday, 9 April 2012

Necklace Storage

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Just a quick photo to show a sneak peak at my 'make up station' - I bought a pack of four self adhesive hooks from Morrisons (only 99p!) and stuck them in a reasonably neat row... 

And voila, necklace storage!

I don't like shoving my necklaces in a box, because they always get tangled and I hate tangles so much - with ear phone/head phone wires but especially metal jewelry which never wants to get untangled - it just never seems to end!

These hooks come in a pack of four, in a chrome effect or white, obviously they are only plastic and self adhesive - so they aren't meant to carry heavy items - but a necklace or two won't hurt.

Any storage ideas that have organised your 'special' area?


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