Wednesday, 29 August 2012

No7 Beautiful Skin - Overnight Revitalising Eye Balm - Review

I can be pretty paranoid about my under eye area. I've tried other eye creams of course, some have left my eyes dry and irritated (not what you want) and others have just had no effect what so ever.

This is £12 so an average price it would seem for 'specialist' area creams - most retailing over £10 nowadays, it's a reasonable price considering how much product you get -- and like most of the No7 range, it is hypo-allergenic so can suit most skin types - note, it is not paraben free.

I'm gradually seeing the benefits from using this every night with my usual skin care regime, so this is not a full review - it will be at another point in time. I like to give skincare products about two months run before I give the final word on how I feel about them. I'm nothing if not consistent!

That being said about consistency - it is a cream, gel like product that you are meant to pat on the under eye area (gently, of course) and let it soak in over night to get the full benefits.

I'm really enjoying this product right now, so stay tuned to get my overall thoughts at a later date.

Have you used this night eye cream? Any thoughts?



  1. Hi, I'm always looking for new eye creams/gels/balms etc because of my dark circles. Would you say this works well on dark circles? Now following you! Please check out my blog if you ever feel like it, xoxo.

  2. Hey - I like to test skincare for well over a month before I give my final verdict as such - as it's never usually a quick 'fix'. I've seen improvement with my circles so far with this gel formula. This is like the 'half way' review.

    But yes, I believe it is good for dark circles. :) xx

    1. Hey, totally agree with you, can take ages for some products to sink in and to notice any benefits. Thanks for getting back to me, looking forward to your full review! xoxo.


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