Thursday, 13 September 2012

feel unique haul!

 I got the 30ml Caudalie Beauty Elixir, just to try out before I splurge £30ish big ones on a 'toner' -- so far I really like it, but I get the hype about the smell. Eurgh. It also came with free samples, one almost like a BB cream and a serum to use before moisturiser. All of these are floating my boat right now. :)

 I did have three of the lip butters from Revlon, but when my handbag got stolen I lost my 'Peach Parfait' to the thief. Boo. It was the perfect shade for my lips and added a subtle amount of shimmer, so I knew I had to get another nude toned butter... I decided to test out the L'Oreal Paris Caresse in 501 Nude Ingenue. It's perfect - and I adore it. It's a little browner (it seemed a tad pinker online,) than I thought but it is pale enough of on the brown side to still suit my pale skin tone.
I also picked up some Palmers Massage Lotion for stretch marks. I obviously have stretch marks from growing up, standard to most women. I however bought it with mild hopes it may help the scarring from my chicken pox and ease them away quicker. Time will tell. But I love this stuff for moisturiser anyway, it smells gorgeous!


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