Friday, 7 September 2012

october wishes - part four - interiors...

Eventually my arrangements in the house are going to change. The Mr and I are swapping the big room for a 'little bedroom' - which will literally be bed, bedside cabinet and an ottoman - and there will still be plenty of room in there to move around.

Meanwhile my current bedroom, which is much larger will almost become like a dressing room/lounge/study. 

It won't be the most glamorous of rooms - having drawn out the plans a billion times and still my inner interior designer weeps at them, but it will be functional and roomy until we can afford our own place.

That being said I've recently indulged in some new bedding, king size duvets to be precise, because a certain someone hogs the covers...

So now I'm just eyeing all the pretty bedlinen (I have a preference for white bedding,) everyone has on offer at the moment!

...and cute little alarm clocks!


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