Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Liz Earle - Most thoughtful + brand aware company ever...

So after having had three bottles of No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser, which costs under £10 and lasts me three months - using it twice daily. It is an amazing product, but I've now hit a rut. 

Incoming a hot cloth cleanser I've been waiting to get my mitts on for a while now, Liz Earle. 

I'm not here to discuss the product though, weirdly enough - as I have't tried it yet. What I want to share is how amazing was the consideration gone into their presentation and what they send you.

So not only did I get the hot cloth cleanser and muslin cloth - I got a dinky 30ml travel size hot cloth cleanser too! Terribly handy, even if you just run out of the larger size - or to keep one at your boyfriends house, should you have that situation going on...

I had a letter, giving me a particular deal. 'You buy this, we'll give you this which is worth this amount,' - Standard really for retailers but it is such a nice touch to keep customers coming back for more and building a strong relationship.

There was also a slip, pictured at the bottom - letting me know who actually wrapped my parcel up for me. Nice again, Liz Earle.

The finishing touches? Their make up in a little paint-swatch style ring binder - so you can find your perfect shade from their range, and also a product book of all of their products.

It really is these touches that make consumers come back for more, don't you think?


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