Wednesday, 3 October 2012

november wishes part three - quick fixes for the home...

images via ikea/h&m/urban outfitters

Okay, so I work part time. I haven't always but I'll be honest; I haven't had that job where it's not a job because you love it so damn much... so working full time... isn't full time, you know? Sure, sure, I have worked full time - had to travel for those hours and that money and have been so completely unhappy/stressed that I would downsize my hours...

My point? There is one. Perhaps you're a student reading this. Perhaps like myself you are in limbo... in  that odd state just before you move out of the family home. You're in that stage. Money is hellish tight but you want things to be yours. Rightly so! So quick fixes/cheap purchases to make student OR limbo life a little brighter...

1. Pack of two storage boxes, PINGLA. Ikea. £3. These boxes come in blue/white, red/white or black/kraft brown. I bought two sets (so four, duh!) of the blue/white to go into my bookcase whilst in 'limbo' - to tidy my bookcase but also readying myself into last minute packing. I'm trying this organizing thing here. :)
2. H&M Laundry Bag. £12.99. It comes in black or white, I prefer the white one - and it's just a neat bag to sort out all that dirty laundry whilst being sturdy at the same time and without being too fussy. Score!
3. H&M Print Curtain Panel, Books. £12.99. I think this is really cute, especially if you only have a dinky window and merely need one panel to work with. It also comes with hemming tape, because it is a floor length curtain. So you can easily snip off excess, hem it up, then make a pillow with the scraps!
4. Dutch Stool, Urban Outfitters. £25. Bit steep for cardboard but it is an online exclusive so they tend to be more. But it is so cute and could provide a talking point if you're just starting out in a new area. Win win.
5. Elephant rug, Urban Outfitters, £12. Once again, cute factor. However rugs can be used obviously for different reasons. Area rugs. Warmth for cold mornings. Covering up dodgy stains from previous tenants. You just never know!

Any relatively cheap fixes you want to share?


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