Tuesday, 2 October 2012

november wishes part two - feel unique...

All images via feelunique.com

I mentioned on Sunday that I was dying and that is still true. I've got a lot to update you guys on in terms of personal life, but while that is still sorting it self out (the new job for example, which sent me home early today because of being so poorly,) I thought I'd share some of the pampering products that have caught my eye from feelunique.com.

1. NEOM Luxury Organics Real Luxury; Pamper Yourself Organic Bath Oil. 100ml. £32. You had me at bath. You had me at oil. Not to mention the fragrance is lavender/jasmine/brazilian rosewood concoction which you JUST KNOW will be heaven in your tub. Did I mention I only have a shower at home? I MISS BATHS SO MUCH! I digress... I want this and I will have it when I have a tub, but that is another matter...
2. L'Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap; Milk. 250g. £7. I've tried the Almond shower oil from this brand and while it is amazing I can't afford the price tag at present (this is mostly to do with personal stuff, so allow me to skirt over my current skint issues!) but I can however afford the occasional treat such as this beauty. Now, to buy a soap box so no-one else in the house nicks it...
3. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Treatment. 200ml. £10.65. I have dyed hair, I treat it like pure hell sometimes, we all do right? Our hair wants to hide when we go on nights out and it sees our scary human faces, with hairspray to hand... This is just a product I want to experiment with. Purely for my inner haircare nerd. 
4. Vagabond Hot Water Bottle - Wolf. 2 litre. £19.95. I am ill. I love hot water bottles. Seeing this product just made me dream of stepping out of a bath (in which I had been soaking in that NEOM oil, by the way,) and immediately into bed with this soft bottle and possibly a glass of red. Yum.
5. Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting. 30ml. £40.50. When I ordered my first bottle of Beauty Elixir, feel unique had the free gift offer that you would also receive a sample of this serum (10ml) not to mention the day perfecting cream (30ml sample,) I fell in love with this serum and I will currently give my left arm to have it back in my life. It's also brilliant because a little goes A LONG WAY, so while 30ml isn't a lot, per se, it is a truly amazing product that I personally see as an investment... In my face. :)

So for November, if one or any of these products make it into my life I will be a contented lady indeed!


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