Tuesday, 23 October 2012

updating tings!

excuse the lame picture.

I've mentioned before about how life is a-changing and hopefully for the better. I'm still clueless as to whether a potentially amazing career opportunity will be mine (the waiting is killing me, guys!) and moving out into our own abode seems like a distant dream... but I know some aspects are now sorted!

I've enrolled on this little Open University nugget. It's for boys and gals of all ages to partake in, with a few exceptions, of course. Due to never partaken in higher education and having a 'poor' household income (I use this term hellishly loosely in a comedic fashion because I certainly don't feel poor at all,) I am allowed to enroll and hopefully expand my mind... or something!

So if you wondered why I get distant or why I was rambling away about being in limbo here, or wanting to update art supplies... you know why now. I start with an introductory course (I chose arts and humanities, man) before moving onto the real deal course (design, thank you!) so I can then decide whether to go to uni... or continue on with home learning depending on the situation...

So yes, starting soon I'll be working part time (still at the same place as I have previously mentioned, just casually plodding along in life...) and studying part time too. Wish me luck. :)


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