Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Gift Guide 2012 - Vol 3 - The Father

This little guide is for the most important man in your life. Your father. Now, fathers are hugely varied much like everyone else you know and love - remember these are ideas that would be approved by my fathers own tastes...

1. Cottage Delight Beer and Steak Set - £15. This set has got everything you need to treat your papa for a steak and beer night in. Possible father daughter date, if I am being soppy? Why not, it's Christmas!

2. Barbour Budle Check Scarf - £24.95. A classic for his winter wardrobe and you don't have to worry about him being cold either! Plus it will keep mother happy too, she'll probably steal it.

3. Tabac After Shave Lotion - 50ml - £9.99. This is one of my fathers favourites. A peppery, woody and spicy concoction for after shaving bliss.

4. Pure One Mi DAB Digital Radio - £27.99. Whilst pottering in their sheds/libraries/studies or kitchen, maybe even green house - let them plod around listening to their favourite shows on this radio. 

5. Beatles Abbey Road Wash Bag - £25. My father adores rock music especially classics such as the Rolling Stones and The Beatles. This wash bag nods towards that love - whilst pleasing my mother so his wash stuff is organised. 


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