Monday, 10 December 2012

Free Gift Love - With No7

As I mentioned on Saturday - about the Deco Darling Palette from No7, I tend to favour No7 for a few of the beauty purchases I make. 

This is mostly down to experience with the brand and ongoing trust - not to mention that when I do stock up on some beauts, they also throw in free gifts when their offers are available. 

So from my order, obviously the palette, some nail and cuticle cream (mine are horrid and dry right now,) and some foaming shower oil - I'm testing that one out and I'll let you know how it does over time.

The free gifts; a full sized lipstick (classic rose,) eye-shadow (black gold,) and metallic liner (blackest.) Plus a convenient hand-bag sized black mascara. 

Left to right; Black Gold eye shadow, Blackest metallic eye liner, Classic Rose lipstick.

No7 Foaming Shower Oil; containing argan and grapeseed oil. I have high hopes.

Lastly the nail and cuticle care cream. It feels nice to massage the finger tips for just five to ten minutes of your day, usually before bed time. Ultimate relaxation.

Do you have any favourites from the No7 brand? Or never tried it?


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