Saturday, 8 December 2012

No7 Deco Darling Eye Palette

It's not at all surprising that when Christmas editions, or Spring editions that beauty brands share them with the rest of the world that every blogger and her dog has to have it. The packaging is always extra special and usually the colours are something covet-able that we don't usually have in our stash...

That being said, in spring I scooped up a No7 Highlighter, post here, so when I found out about the 'Deco Darling' range for Christmas - I knew I had to pick up the palette at least. 

From top to bottom; Dark grey (matte), light grey, gold and khaki gold (all shimmers) - there's no specific product names for this palette. Which is a possible gimmick missed out on. 1920's themes anyone? My favourite!

In regards the colour payoff is why No7 is one of my favourites for eye-shadow - you can build up the colours gradually and find what you're looking for - whether it be subtle or full on. The opportunity here lies with the layering possibilities with these colours for the holiday season... well done, No7!

It retails for £9.95, which is remarkably good - but it is as I type sold out online but in all likelihoods you should be able to get it from your local store. 


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