Tuesday, 19 February 2013

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Let's cut to the chase - I wasn't a concealer gal. When I was younger and overdid my make up (another story altogether, and maybe I will tell you one day...) I used a scanty amount of concealer and relied predominantly upon foundation to cover any blemishes (mostly redness, I don't break out,) - and then I would just move onto my eyes. No I wasn't an orange. If you're wondering.

Eventually though, I found my way back to concealers, and here is a quick round up of four drug store concealers that I've tried recently...

I first used the Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer - one of my first tests back into concealers (after having gone so long without,) and for a while it was perfect. But the same can be said with No7 Stay Perfect Concealer (new formula,) - it seemed to work for the first initial uses and then come up short, for whatever reason. I found when I used these in the summer they were fine - but when it got to winter they felt drying and clogging. 

I still don't know whether it was me, or the formula of these two products - but they just ain't cutting it for the concealing of my ever purple under eyes (lovely,) or slight redness around my nose. Sorry, Rimmel and No7. 

Moving onto the Collection 2000, I absolutely adored the Illuminating Touch Concealer - a similar product to the YSL Touche Eclat, and for the price range it was a solid contender. I will be buying it again, but I wanted to test the Lasting perfection concealer, from the same brand. The latter is a heavier formulation, and I tend to use this on larger blemishes rather than my under eyes. It covers, blends well and keeps the redness at bay for a solid eight hours. 

My favourite though and I kind of hate that it is because it's one of those hyped products - but it is completely worth it... Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer! I adore the foundation, and so tried the concealer too... what a surprise (sarcasm,) of course it worked and still works under my eyes, blemishes around my nose, spots. It doesn't dry or cake (I have sensitive/dry skin,) and rarely causes any problems (except when I am having a really bad skin day, which for me is dryness in epic proportions, but then I just use a tinted moisturiser if I absolutely have to use anything at all,) and for under £10 - comes into my budget and I don't have to feel too guilty. 

So while I haven't had much luck with the first two concealers, the last two mentioned have done a pretty good job at keeping my skins general redness at bay and under control.

What's your favourite concealer? Any gems you've found?



  1. My favourite concealer is the Collection Lasting Perfection one! I've lost count how many times I have repurchased it!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. When I run out I will definitely be repurchasing too. I feel that the collection and bourjois concealers are such value for money - because of how long they last. God bless drug stores. :)


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