Saturday, 23 February 2013

instagram #7

my little bizzle/bear. stuffed cheeks and raging around on my laptop - her standard procedure.// joshua and bizzle snuggling.// the pups on the moors.// joshua and bizzle - sometimes she'll do anything for a munch on a biscuit...// joshua turned 23 and i bought him this cake! it is insane!// a rare smile in the morning. must be those h&m t-shirts that make me happy. 

Eurgh! What a week. I have been working non stop this week (no days off,) and whilst that is great for my bank balance it isn't so great for my sanity/uni course - I just have to think two more shifts then I'm on holiday for a week (going nowhere, but I'll be sorting out home things, writing for an essay and generally tryin' to get shit done.)

This week my love/soul mate/boyfriend/other half/partner in crime turned 23 and I bought him a cake from a local cake baker and asked for it to be shaped like a clapper board (he's a film student,) and it turned out amazing. We stayed in, his choice, and had chinese. Chinese and cake? Oh yes, next week I will also be restarting my healthy eating as I seemed to have gone down the path of darkness (or goodness, depending on how you look at it.)

So with organization in mind - I hope you have a clear, stress free weekend and an awesome next week! I'll see you there! ;)


P.s, if you live in the Devon area, please check out Lisa at Sugar Sweet Cakes and she also has a facebook page too!

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