Saturday, 16 February 2013

instagram #6

watched source code, it's pretty good.// when the stickygrams arrived!// apocalips, by Rimmel.// first Kurt Geiger purchase.// big hair/moody face.// one of the prettiest quads I own.

Hello lovelies! I feel so ridiculously lazy at the moment - I managed to get more hours at work but feel lethargic when I get home, not great. In any case, I've managed to get even more hours for the coming week - but then I get a whole week off after that! Hooray for cramming your essays into one week? (The only time I will have the time to write the majority of it, any way...)

Did you have a good Valentines day? I'm not one for it, and neither is Josh. He did get me a japanese puzzle box, which is pretty amazing! I got him a flask shaped like a white canon lens. .. 

Have you any exciting plans for the weekend?


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