Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nivea Hydration Primer

I want to mention a disclaimer first before I rant away. I bought this product in November 2012, used it for a week and then promptly contacted Beiersdorf with my complaint...

I have since then sent the product back for analysis - given it was such an averse reaction. 

I wanted to love this product because I enjoy Nivea products, they are value for money and it's a brand that even my Nanna, Mamma and sister used/uses... 

You can get the point here, it's well known and usually I don't get this kind of reaction at all to products.

It is supposed to be a product that you can apply make-up immediately after application, gives hydration to dry/sensitive skin throughout the day and give an even complexion. Right? In my case... wrong.

Upon application it took ages to sink in, even only using a minute amount because the gel/cream consistency went a long way. 

Then my face began to burn, go even redder than usual and itched, to put it bluntly, like hell. I was persistent though for a week, hoping it would change, but no dice. 

After applying foundation - it went cakey, wouldn't settle as it usually did, made my skin dryer and in general just didn't comply with what it's supposed to do.

I sent the product back to Beiersdorf, purely because I didn't think the reaction was at all to be ignored, in case there was something in the product. They kindly sent me a letter in response, along with £10 worth of vouchers - which will no doubt come in handy, as like I said - I've never had this kind of reaction before to a product. 

So I keep searching for that perfect primer...


EDIT; I would like to mention they said it was a 'personal' reaction, which is fair enough, but I have noticed that other people buying the sensitive version have also had issues. 

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