Friday, 1 February 2013

Organic Surge

"Organic Surge channels the vibrancy and goodness of nature into our everyday lives. With products as individual as we are, natural formulas and charitable links, Organic Surge is dedicated to making life better wherever we can, starting with you." Via here.

I came across Organic Surge whilst on my searches for a new night cream. I've tried a few, Palmers being pretty good and, should I have not made this little purchase, then I probably would have re-purchased.

I bought the night cream. And this sugared almond shower gel. OH MY GAWD!

This shower gel smells so good! Think L'Occitane Shower oil, but better, in my honest opinion. I always think that shower/bath products should smell good (of course, different scents for different people, we all got different favourites, yo,) and also be fun. Does anyone else get that? I feel most of the time when I'm prepping my face, that sometimes it can feel like a bore? It's never a bore in the shower... But I digress.

It does what it says on the tube, cleansing and softening, double check! Great smelling, check! Reasonably priced, check! Not to mention it's organic. 100%, yo. 

That means no nasties. Huzzah!

The night cream could have me waxing lyrical. It feels more like a balm, and when applied the scent isn't overly strong (like the botanics toner, for instance,) and has my skin feeling super soft in the morning, not to mention redness has reduced in my cheeks - win win. 

So definitely have a gander at the Organic Surge website. Plus there's upto 60% off... need any more reasons?


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