Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Face Masks | Double Threats

So for the past few months I have been indulging, without fail, every Sunday on a little pampering. I usually do all of my work, get it out of the way, make dinner or if someone is spoiling me, then eat dinner - then the Sunday afternoon/evening pampering begins!

I want to talk about face masks today, let's call this part one. When I was younger, I use to slap one on my face (any old clay one, I figured, because my sister used them, so I should too,) and that was that - maybe only once a month. I was way more interested in going out with friends to be fussing around with myself. 

Now I'm older (but still young,) I know what my skin is about, most of the time. I have dry/sensitive skin, with the occasional spot - usually around the center of my face - so nose, chin and mouth. Sexy. Nothing perks up my skin more though, than the Double Threat - Two masks, with ultimately one goal - get rid of the weeks impurities and then inject much needed moisture.

Soap and Glory's No Clogs Allowed face mask is such an amazing mask/scrub treatment, and smells gorgeous. It has little beads that burst open whilst you're applying and then it heats up... Oh I do love a heating mask every now and then! You can either treat this as an intensive scrub, and simply wash it away once done, or leave it on for five minutes to use as a mask - it even comes with a sponge to help you get it all off. Tres handy! At £11, it's very reasonable - considering I use it once every two weeks so it goes a long way for me. Not to mention that Boots usually carry a 3 for 2 offer on Soap and Glory - so there's no reason to not stock up!

On the week I don't use the Soap and Glory mask, I'm using Garnier's 3 in 1 Face wash/scrub/mask - It really leaves skin tingling clean and really does a good job of purifying the skin. I usually use this after I've applied my hair mask/conditioner, plop it all over the bothersome areas - prance back into the shower (I don't have a bath, sob!) and focus on other areas whilst hair and face are being whipped back into submission! Obviously once done, wash it off in the shower and then move onto the big guns. This is £5.99 from Boots.

Once I'm all out of the shower, I'll then apply the Super Facialist Hydrate Moisture Mask - you only need this on for five minutes as opposed to some moisture masks which you leave on over night - so I take the time to apply whatever concoctions I wish on my body, then simply wash off, pat dry and done! I can't stress how it really leaves your skin feeling soft, and once you've used a cleansing mask - it really lets the moisture to soak in further. This actually smells of rose too - some products I find are labelled as rose and really smell awful. This smells divine, doesn't irritate my skin and does what it says it promises! Score. This retails for £8.99 from Boots - so it's a really affordable but luxe feeling product.

What face masks do you use to make you feel at your best?


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