Monday, 11 March 2013

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Hello Lovelies!

Well, I now officially am on holiday for two weeks! Huzzah! I'm going to get organized as mentioned on my last post - I've managed to do what I planned - helping josh sort out his wardrobe, moving some storage boxes in order to make the display unit more of a display, some light polishing, changing the bed etc - now it's time to move onto my own side of things which could potentially take longer, not to mention a deep spring clean!

I am in love with these trousers from H&M - in fact this is all from H&M. I gotta say, they are my favourite for basics (tees) but I really just adore the extras, the home bits (that cushion would match my curtains!) and the nail varnish is apparently top notch! I think a tiny little spend on Thursday is in order - although I'm trying to cut back in order to save some imperative things - like new drawers as mentioned before. I am definitely buying two of these drawers in white - one for each of us - and then just having the one set of wardrobes... it'll make the room look so much better, plus there will be room for a desk! Huzzah!

So apart from going Rambo on the house - I'd also like to take at least one trip to the cinema and have one date night out - not too much to ask, right?

Have you got any holidays planned? Hopefully with more sunshine than mine!


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