Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner + Eyeshadow Sticks

The Rimmel Scandaleyes range is nothing new to the blogosphere. The Kohl eyeliners have been raved and hyped up and so I caved. I bought the Nude eyeliner and fell in love upon immediate application. Less scary than a white eyeliner, the nude shade perfectly makes eyes look brighter and much more awake. So why not invest in a few more shades, I thought...

Of course by this time the Eyeshadow sticks have already come out and swatching one in Superdrug was my downfall. Although all of these are under a fiver so it won't break the bank. You'll just have to show some restraint and not buy all the range in one go. ;)

Creamy formulation, there is no drag to either of these products. They apply like a dream, and stay put more to the point. These swatches lasted through various amounts of washing up and stayed put, and that is saying something considering how vigorous I am with a scrubbing brush. 

I've stuck to the neutral shades as that's what I do best - but I wouldn't mind the purple shade 'Paranoid Purple' for the lower lashline. 

Have you tried this range yet? Thoughts?


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