Thursday, 28 March 2013

Skincare | Vichy

It's pretty much a well known fact; the French have skincare down. With brands like Vichy, Avene, Bioderma and Caudalie - how could the ever so chic French go wrong?

The two products I am mentioining today are from the brand Vichy. First up is the Normaderm Nuit - a product that is hugely beneficial to oily/problematic skin - but I have this beauty on stand by for when I get break outs, which tend to happen around the center of my face. The Mr even tried it out and it visible reduced some dark marks/spots, and usually he's a skeptic. He's been converted. It feels quite grainy when applied and definitely mattifys the skin - hence why I don't use it every night. It does what it says it's going to do on the tube - and that can be difficult to find these days.

Secondly, the toner Purete Thermale has two variations - Hydra Perfecting which is apparently better suited for normal to combination skin (I can't verify this, as it's not my skin type, sorry!) and Hydra Soothing - which is formulated for dry skin, and one of my favourite toners. Ever. It wipes away any remaining traces of make up that may have been left after cleansing (handy after a drinking session/night out,) and leaves skin feeling so so clean, and what's more there's no tightening sensation that I loathe - It makes me want to pile on double the amount of moisturiser. In comparison to other toners I've tried - it comes up top along with Caudalie's Beauty Elixir - but I prefer using that after applying make up now, to sort out any powdery issues.

I seriously recommend giving these two a go, because together they are so much better. :)

What's your favourite french skincare brand?


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