Saturday, 11 May 2013

instagram #11 - This Week

 War Horse House adventures.
 Discovered the PhotoGrid app - Hanging out with my gang.

If I was to say things weren't going to plan, would that be the right definition? I won't wax lyrically about my woes but lets just say I REALLY HATE having a car sometimes, you know, when insurance time rolls around (this time of year,) and M.O.T rolls around (also this time of year, but thankfully, last month,) - I'd worked pretty damn hard saving some cash and now it's all gone...

Not to mention my laptop is now saying it hates wi-fi so I'm pretty surprised I am able to post this at all! I had nearly given up altogether of posting this weekend until I managed to spy a mystical three-bar signal! Huzzah! 

And breath, Sophie.

A new writing course starts on Monday, which I'm looking forward to. Something to pass the time until September time when another course starts up again, for realz. I'm also studying creative writing on the side, you know, just for the giggles.

The point I am trying to make - I suppose, let's not worry about money. Let's just be happy and do what we love. Yeah? Cool. 


P.s, posting some 'short films' I have been in tomorrow - so don't forget to come back and look! :)

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