Friday, 10 May 2013

How to Treat & Ease Cold & Flu.

Having previously mentioned I at least suffer from a major cold/flu bug twice a year - due to a poor immune system I'm pretty used to the protocol that follows. Sometimes it can't be helped, you may have an amazing immune system (like my boyfriend, jealous,) but can still catch a doozy bug. This is for all, a general ease and treat that I find helps (and having a cold now makes me sympathetic to my fellow sufferers...)

1. Drink your fluids! Keep a water filter jug near by if you have one, or just plenty of bottles so you don't have to move very far. Put ice in it, if you feel hot with fever - but drink up and drink more than you think you should. Your body will thank you for it. Brita Elemaris Water Filter Jug, 2.4L, £15.

2. Green tea is one of those magical things laden with health benefits - especially in building up your immune system (some say to gargle it, why not try both?) A hot drink is also beneficial for decongesting, so if you're not a fan of green tea, try some Manuka Honey and Lemon with hot water (and ginger, if you have any!) - if you have trouble sleeping, add a shot of whiskey in one before bed time - I won't tell, promise. Hugs Green Tea, Box of 10, £5.

3. Sounds painfully obvious, but keep tissues or a handkerchief to hand and blow your nose, often. I'm a pain for this because if I am in public, I hate blowing my nose - it's a random paranoia, in any case, don't sniff - and don't blow your nose too hard, gross as it is to be speaking about it, but you can get an earache by doing it too harshly. And who needs a ear ache when you already feel like death warmed up? Not me, so blow your nose gently. Pack of Two Handkerchiefs, £12.

4. Take your medication! I find this Lemsip All In One Capsules the best for the job - they have all the right stuff in those little tablets to try and ease your woes. Don't forget these already contain Paracetamol - so you won't need to take any, otherwise you risk overdosing. Which is never fun. If you're already on medication, I don't need to remind you about consulting your doctor about taking more medication, remember, I am not a doctor! Lemsip Max Day and Night Cold & Flu Relief, £3.99.

5. Rest and then rest some more. If you must go to work/school, then go to sleep earlier - but I'd recommend not going in. I know what it's like these days with employers and sickness - but if you go in and spread it round as it were, then more staff will fall like flies. If it helps try and organize with your boss to change shifts with someone - so the worse days you're able to rest up. Stay under a blanket and read some magazines, a book. Try and ignore your computer, it will just make your eyes water trying to. Cable Knit Throw, £40.

6. Eat lightly, like soup and yoghurt. I always find it more comforting anyway than heavy meals - a tin of Heinz or if you're lucky enough to have someone there to make you some, home made is best and much more comforting. Heinz Tomato Soup, available in most if not all supermarkets. 

7. Have a bath, put in your most luxurious bath oils and relax, lavender helps for sleeping and rest obviously, but it's not necessary. I always find a bath helps wonders when you're ill - but if you don't have a bath, then a steamy hot shower will work just as well - especially for decongesting. Jo Malone Orange Blossom Bath Oil, £38. 

So there it is, the seven tips I swear by when riddled with a cold or flu. I do hope if you are suffering like me, that you get better soon. 

What are your tips for recovering from colds and flu?



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