Sunday, 26 May 2013

instagram #13 - This Week

More smoothie drinkin's. A red lip saves all when you feel like crap.

Firstly, can I just apologise? The beginning of this week lead to a few tantrums on my behalf. My laptop refuses to pick up wi-fi (still,) and I couldn't publish anything. I tried from my Nexus, but the Blogger App is a little lame to be honest - not bad if you're on the go, but as I was at home, trying relentlessly to post it just didn't cut it.

Secondly, I've been in bed the rest of the week with a horrifying 'Mechanical Back Pain' dealio. It hurts to sit up, so I am eating standing up, it basically plain hurts/kills me when I move. I'm still moving around to keep 'active' but the painkillers I am on zonk me out completely. I'm being brave today and not taking any till I post this because gosh darnit I must blog!

So that was my week, and apologies for this coming slightly later than usual. I'm a stickler for routine but needs must and all that...

If there are no posts next week - it's probably more of the same! I'll be back when I can!

How's your week been? Better than mine, I hope!


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