Saturday, 18 May 2013

instagram #12 - This Week

 extremely tired - mind blown, russian dolls - playing with the camera #1.
 let's not be ill anymore this year. remember, it tastes better than it looks.
 little silver bird - playing with the camera #2. which colour to choose?
tarot cards - playing with the camera #3. products recently bought, that make me want to eat my own face; they smell that good.

This week has not gone to 'plan' and when I say plan, my plans generally are flexible (unless it's real important,) so if something crops up, like this week, overtime at work - I try not to beat myself up over it. I try, and fail.

Like the top-box for the wardrobe, turns out it has to be drilled into place (of course it does, Sophie,) which none of us can do, so a family friend is doing it on Monday. SO today after work, I'll be a good sport and get all of our clothes out, folded and ready to be sorted come Monday once the blighter is fitted and all dust has been removed. 

Can you tell I am slightly resentful at the top-box? Jesus, being resentful at inanimate objects! 

That being said, even though there is lots to do, I cannot wait until it is all done, when I have a week off work (June) and just relaxing, making dinners - which I have been neglectful of - relying on everyone else when I have been at work. I do enjoy cooking but the last thing I want to do is face a mountain of washing up afterwards...

Have an amazing weekend lovelies! I hope you're not stuck in work like I am...


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