Thursday, 30 May 2013


I love orange. I love the colour, the fruit (and all of its variations - satsumas are my favourite, if you wanted to know...) the smell, oh my god the smell. When I do buy cleaning supplies (rare, I leave that up to Mama,) I tend to go for orange scented items. It's just so clean and fresh and just, oh my. It reminds me of Spain, the heat and the light foods - you get it, I dig oranges.

So when it tends to come to skincare - if it works, amazing, if it smells like oranges - good god, I'm in heaven.

Case in point; the Burts Bees Facial Cleanser - it feels like a slightly exfoliating oil/balm (albeit a light balm,) once you work it in and the smell is incredible. I love using this in the morning as a pick me up. You can buy it here.

Secondly, a freebie, and I think I am right in saying it was from In Style magazine (either that or Marie Claire... I have a poor memory,) the Neals Yard hand cream has the same intense orange scent and is so lovingly used of a night time before I get shut eye. You can buy it here.

Last but not least, although its technically not wildly orange - it has a citrus scent that I adore, the Tisserand Energise  roller ball. Perfect for on the wrists for mornings when you need, well, energising! I bought mine at feel unique.

What's your favourite scent? 


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